Self Help Tape

The Naughty Boyz premiered their video Self Help Tape on Saturday. The premier copy was kept under lock and key. Skateboarders are stupid.
 "This is art you animals."
Locked doors.
 TMZ. Pretty sure they're talking about Dickies, decorative toques, Mom jeans, and dollar store energy drink sponsorship.
Seven minutes in heaven. The video was short, sweet, and made me want to go skate.


Go Skateboarding Day 2015

 Plush and Showdown hosted Edmonton's Go Skateboarding Day at McKernan this year.
 Moncton was killing it all day. Crook bonk on the rail.
 Ariah took the high ollie contest with a 37 inch snap.
I was super hyped to see Timmy show up and take second in the high ollie contest.
Kronsey always hyped to skate. Hippie jump bigspin thing.
Then it was off to the Devil's Lounge in Morinville.
Brandon front rock.
 McKernan Sandwich Club is always prepared to throw down.
 Jackson boosts an ollie, with a little help from his dad.
 Nile 5-0 ride on The Wizard's Sleeve.
 Nile step-off 5-0.
Phil going full ABEC.
This. Always.



Only got three days this year. This.


Vaux goes pro

Rumor had a soft opening for their pop up shop in downtown Edmonton and took the opportunity to also turn Vaux pro.
Vaux - book author, pro boards, amateur psychiatrist.
 Vaux and Deaner.
 Naughty Boyz.
 Pose off.
 Camera battle with Jo.
 Vaux, Eddie, Dean, Jo.
 Orran only skates stools now. High fashion background props.
Edmonton's prodigal son returns. Good to see you again Robin.
Closing time. Everybody out!
Rumor pop up shop Vacancy Hall 10363 - 104 Street.


All Hallows' Weird

Above: Things got a bit weird, but all in the spirit of Halloween, at McKernan yesterday. 
This wasn't really well organizied and was thrown together through some last minute text and instagram messages. Maybe next year we'll get our act together and give everyone a little bit of notice.
Above: "All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I'm fine." - Jeff Spicoli
Above: Deer Man of Mill Woods makeup tips.

Above: Aaron with a deer smith.
 Above: Hamburglar Scott 50/50.
 Above: Jose with a prom ready smith grind around the boulder.
 Above: Tyler with a Lumberjack boneless.


Flying fat

Above: Firefly in flight.
This video makes me wish I wasn't old, hurt, and that I didn't sucked at skateboarding. The trick at the 6 minute mark is awesome.
Half cocky/half suicidal.


That skate life

Above: Everybody wants to be a skateboarder. This guy got so stoked watching the session that he insisted I shoot a photo of him jumping over it, coffee in hand.
This is pretty awesome.
How the hell did I miss this!


Good Times

Above: Phil back disaster.
This around the 30:00 mark.